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Check out the juicy topics of Our 15 Experts:

Three Costly Mistakes that Shut Down Your Body to Conception   with Mary Goyer, M.S.

How Adrenal Burn Out Zaps Your Fertility and How to Fix It  with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN

End Your Cycle Madness!  Solutions for PMS, Estrogen Dominance and Post-Pill Amenorrhea  with Nicole Jardim

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East Meets West in Reproductive Medicine  with Mike Berkley, LAc

Healthy Babies are Made in the Gut...Really!  with Amelia Hirota, LAc

Nurturing Your Mindy, Body & Soul on the Fertility Journey  with Sue Dumais

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Forget Infertility! with Dr. Dan Kalish, DC

Fuel Your Body to Be "Fighting Fit' for Fertility with Natalie Kringoudis

Supporting IVF with Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Lorne Brown B.Sc, CA, Dr. TCM, FABORM, CHt

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A Holistic Approach to Overcoming PCOS with Stefani Ruper

Endometriosis: The Misunderstood Fertility Condition with Melissa Turner

Fertility Massage for Pregnancy Success with Claire Marie Miller

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The Thyroid and Your Fertility:  What You Need to Know with Dr. Fiona McCulloch ND

Cultivating the Energies in Your Pelvic Bowl to Enhance and Support Fertility with Dr. Danielle Cornelius DC

Find Your Fertility Archetype, Clear Your Fertility Blocks with Bridgit Danner, LAc - your summit host!



Joyful Mammas helped me and my husband to understand the key factors in determining fertility and improving our reproductive health. Bridgit was extremely patient with my low-stress, baby-step approach to pregnancy and matched my pace perfectly.

With Bridgit’s help, we both became engaged in health, starting with acupuncture, simple charting and diet. We then began implementing new tools, supplements and basic tests that helped us to understand our fertility on a hormonal level. Within 9 months of working with Bridgit at our own pace, we were happily pregnant with our first baby!

Meredith and Anjali Kiran Lee

I began to work with Joyful Mammas eight months ago following a pregnancy loss to address fertility and other general health issues, with the hope of increasing my chance of a healthy future pregnancy.  Bridgit is supportive, professional and intuitive. She takes the time to listen to what is on your mind.

I recently found out I am pregnant and I plan to continue working with Joyful Mammas during what I hope will be a smooth pregnancy.  I believe Bridgit will be an effective partner in enhancing your health and fertility success. Her pricing is reasonable. I have been completely satisfied with her services and would certainly highly recommend her. She is excellent.

Elissa and son Nolan
I called in during a fertility summit/webinar with Janine Francolini back in October 2012, and was asking for advice on my diet/lifestyle. We’d struggled for nearly 5 years with unexplained infertility but I’d finally started making peace with it and loved my life – but still badly wanted a baby. Janine suggested to quit stressing about my diet and basically to just LIVE. Well…I did. I thoroughly enjoyed my life, cheesecake and all, and the next month, I received the shock of my life when my standard “oh my period’s due any day so I’ll test just for kicks” showed up with a positive pregnancy test! Our baby boy Nolan was born July 16, 2013, and he’s been filling our lives with late nights and early mornings, poopy diapers but mostly JOY!

Thank you so much for your resources! In another year or so when we’d like to try again for another, I hope to come back on board to receive all of your great updates and info!
Much love, Elissa

baby Allison

There were so many great things about Bridgit!  Let me mention just a few.  One of the greatest things about Bridgit is her calm demeanor.  I worked over the phone with Bridgit and  immediately from our first conversation, I felt myself calming down and resonating with what she said.  The second greatest thing about Bridgit is her vast knowledge from a holistic perspective.  I have always leaned towards a more natural route (as opposed to convention medicine) and my beliefs about foods and supplements were validated by Bridgit.  This increased the confidence in myself.  It also was very important for me as my husband’s back ground is conventional medicine and we are not on the same page when it comes to healing the body through holistic measures.  It really was helpful to have Bridgit’s support as I made changes to my diet.  Bridgit also helped me to ‘read’ the basal body temperature chart to help me understand what was normal and what was not. Another quality of Bridgit that is an asset was her positive attitude and how genuine she is.  Although we have never met in person, I could feel over the phone how much she cared about me and believed that I would become pregnant. Bridgit is full of hope and that was especially helpful to me as I had a recent miscarriage, am in my late thirties and this helped offset all of the discouraging articles out there about fertility over age 35.  I highly recommend working with Bridgit.  I also look forward to working with her again for the next baby!